98-year-old Pearl Harbor survivor passes away at home in Floresville

Pictured: A.J. Dunn

FLORESVILLE – Each year, the Jon Wayne Service Company helps a veteran in need through Operation Christmas Comfort, and in 2018, A.J. Dunn received a brand new A/C unit, along with plumbing and electrical upgrades.

Sadly, on Nov. 23, Dunn passed away at the age of 98 at his home in Floresville, Texas with his loving wife Grace at his side.

Dunn had been assigned to five different ships: The USS Oglala, the USS Mugford, the USS New Orleans, the USS Indiana and the USS Botetourt.

Dunn served his country with honor, courage and commitment, and was part of a legacy of valor that we can never forget.

Click here for A.J. Dunn’s full obituary. To see an interview with Dunn, watch the video below.

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