VIDEO: South Texas girl's Spurs dance goes viral after attending very first game

Gia Perez brings 9-year-old version of Ginobili's ‘Grandpa Juice' to SA

SAN ANTONIO – For 9-year-old Gia Perez of Brownsville, Texas, becoming a social media celebrity within 24 hours of attending her very first Spurs game was the last thing she ever expected.

“When my dad sent me this video, my first impression was, ‘Wow! Look at the moves she’s using,” Perez’s sister G’Anna Perez told “I was in shock.”

During Sunday’s game versus the Indiana Pacers, G’Anna shared a video on Twitter with the tweet reading, “So my little sister is at the Spurs game and my dad sends me this.”

The 45-second video of her sister dancing while wearing her favorite player Manu Ginobili’s jersey was part of the Spurs Team Energy’s live freestyle which regularly gets fans hyped before tip-off. 

However, Spurs fans in attendance will say it was Perez who charged them up and brought a 9-year-old version of Ginobili’s “Grandpa Juice” to Sunday’s game.

“She is shy free and dances away wherever there is music (and) dances everything from hip-hop to bachata,” Perez told “I am very proud of my sister because she is a very awesome dancer.”

Perez told that her sister Gia has been asking their dad, Guillermo Perez, for years about traveling the 270 miles north from Brownsville to watch a Spurs game.


With only Sundays off from work, this year’s Spurs-Pacers game was the best chance for their dad to make Gia’s dream become a reality.

And by the response from the now-viral video, the trip to San Antonio was well worth every second.

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“They both can’t believe it since it wasn’t our intention to go this big,” Perez told “They are so amazed and thankful to all who have commented, retweeted and showed love towards my sister.”

Despite the Spurs losing to the Pacers 94-86, Perez said, “The game was awesome” for her sister Gia and “she is still a true Spurs fan” no matter what outcome.

The video has since been viewed more than 45,000 times, collecting over 1,000 retweets and 3,400 likes.


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