Spurs' Lonnie Walker uses NBA All-Star Game as motivation

Rookie wants to reach All-Star caliber

Charlotte, N.C. – Thanks to Adidas, Spurs' rookie Lonnie Walker IV attended NBA All-Star Weekend 2019. Walker, who signed an endorsement deal with Adidas in June, was there to make appearances and promote the brand.

Being among some of the best the NBA has to offer, motivates the athletic guard.

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"It means a lot," Walker said. "It brings fuel to your fire, because you want to get to his stage. You want to get to his moment and be able to actually embrace it like an All-Star. So, to be here and see everything, see some of the players, I'm excited to embrace the environment and see what it's like."

The rookie gets to see All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge on a regular basis. Aldridge, now a seven-time All-Star, is a player younger players can learn from.

"Seeing a player like that up close, an All-Star up close, just shows how much more I got to continue to improve and better my game," Walker said. "Even after practice, he's the last one getting his shots up. That's a veteran thing to do and that just shows his work ethic, and what I got to match to hopefully get to that stage."

From rookies to 20-year veteran Dirk Nowitzki, of the Dallas Mavericks, Walker saw many different levels of experience and skill sets during All-Star Weekend. And although many young players try to mold their game after certain All-Stars, don't count Walker among them.

"I don't really mold my game towards anyone," Walker told reporters. "I mean, being here, you embrace the environment. You learn how to carry yourself, you learn how to interact. I know my strength and weaknesses. I'm a huge Dwyane Wade fan and Victor Oladipo fan. Those are the guys I kind of duplicate my game as, but other than that, my game is Lonnie Walker, and there's no other better player, in my opinion, than that."

In six games this season, Walker is averaging 2.3 points in 9.5 minutes per contest.


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