Spurs' LaMarcus Aldridge gifts over 200 iPads to San Antonio kids

'Kids are important ... I love giving back,' Aldridge says

SAN ANTONIO – While LaMarcus Aldridge has been enjoying the summer with family and friends, he is also making time to spread joy to kids at the Boys & Girls Club of San Antonio.

Aldridge, along with volunteers with Spurs Sports & Entertainment, handed out backpacks and school supplies Friday to the children in attendance.

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The school supplies were donated by H-E-B, but the Spurs star forward Aldridge decided to add a little more.

A lot more. Like, more than 200 iPads.

"It's a lot of kids and people in this city who need help. So, I try to find my way (to) give back," Aldridge said. "This year, I decided to do a little bit more with the iPads and I love giving back. Kids are always important, so I love doing it, for sure."

The Back-To-School party has been in the works for more than a month. Aldridge said the idea of adding the iPads came just three days ago.

"I'm very thankful for H-E-B for helping me out with (the backpacks) but I don't want to fly all the way back for just backpacks. Let us do something better," Aldridge said.

"So, we did backpacks and then I was, like, 'You know what, let's do iPads. My kids love iPads so why not?' We just did it. Everyone got one, I think I bought 300," he said.

Aldridge also talked about how the importance of the Boys & Girls Club organization plays in cities, including San Antonio.

"I grew up and I didn't have much. Having a place like this to go to, it just helps makes things better out there," he said.

Before he went back to interact with the kids, Aldridge spent a moment talking about the Spurs adding Tim Duncan to its coaching staff for the upcoming season.

"I think everyone is looking forward to having (Duncan) around. He has that 'it factor' that changes the whole culture and makes things better.

"How can you not like it? (Duncan) is an all-time great. I'm looking forward to it," Aldridge said.

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