Popovich reflects on legacy of MLK, fears ‘rollback’ of ‘race situation’ in country

SAN ANTONIO – Gregg Popovich reflected on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., saying the Civil Rights icon and activist was about “justice” and “trying to make everything fairer for everybody.”

The Spurs head coach was asked about King Jr. after the Spurs game on Sunday. Popovich also spoke about race relations in the country and fearing a “rollback” of King Jr.’s ideals.

“(It) doesn’t matter what your persuasion is in any way, shape or form," Popovich said. "It is just about justice and he knew that was a long arc, but he stuck with it. He did it with class. He did it his way.

Now we worry because it seems like a lot of rollback in that regard, especially as we look at the race situation in our country."

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Popovich, who has been outspoken on a number of social issues, continued by saying race should be in the forefront of discussion across the country.

“Everybody wants to forget about it but it should be there, front and center, constantly. I don’t care what is going on in the country. Global warming, economics, manufacturing, trade wars with China, agriculture, impeachment, all of these things,” Popovich said.

Race is still the unanswered dilemma that everyone continues to ignore. Dr. King did not ignore it, and it’s a big fear now that we have a group in power that is very willing to ignore it. It’s not just with their words, but their actions prove it, and that is scary.”

In 2018, Popovich was part of a coaches roundtable on The Undefeated about MLK’s legacy and what it meant to the NBA. You can read more here.

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