5 funny and unusual prop bets for Super Bowl LVI

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As is always the case, those who like to make wagers for the Super Bowl can bet on more conventional happenings in the game, such as who’ll cover the spread, who’ll win the coin toss, who’ll score the first touchdown, how many touchdown passes each quarterback will have; the list goes on and on.

But in recent years, the Super Bowl has also become all about the bizarre prop bets that can be made surrounding the game.

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For this year’s Rams-Bengals tilt, here are five prop bets that seem especially unusual, according to sportsbettingdime.com.

1. The price of Bitcoin.

Yep, those cryptocurrency enthusiasts can make a wager to see what the price of Bitcoin will be as the game progresses.

With the way the price has risen lately and the fact that there might by cryptocurrency commercials during the big game, it’s no wonder why the odds of the price going up are minus-140. The odds of the price going down are minus-110.

2. Proposals after the game.

It seems like players who are on the winning team at a Super Bowl are on the ultimate high once the game is over, so it’s a great time to make themselves happier -- by popping the question to their significant other on the field after the game.

It also happens to be the day before Valentine’s Day, which could really give victorious players some ideas.

Then again, the odds of there NOT being a proposal are minus-850. The odds of a proposal are plus-550.

3. A player doing ‘the Ickey Shuffle’ during the game.

The last time the Bengals made the Super Bowl, in 1989, one of the best players on their team was a running back named Ickey Woods, who had a popular touchdown dance called “the Ickey Shuffle.”

Since the Bengals are back in the big game, there’s a prop bet on whether a player will pay tribute to Woods by doing the Ickey Shuffle during a touchdown or other celebratory moment.

Yes is minus-175, while no is plus-125.

4. What jersey will rapper Drake wear?

The popular artist loves to wear jerseys of his favorite team, but often times, the team he has shown support to loses.

Because of that, there are “Drake Curse Odds.” The odds of him wearing a Bengals jersey are plus-200, while the chances of him wearing a Rams jersey are minus-325.

5. Will Peyton Manning bowl a strike in a Michelob Ultra commercial?

In a teaser of a commercial to be shown during the game, former NFL great Peyton Manning is shown lining up a shot at a bowling alley. Will it be a strike? The yes odds are minus-165, while the no odds are plus-110.

Which one of these prop bets would you consider? Let us know in the comments below.

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