UTSA’s Women’s Basketball ‘Cashing In’ on big moments this season

The team’s new mantra is helping the Roadrunners stay competitive within the program

SAN ANTONIO – Each new year, basketball teams across the country will come up with a mantra or saying to help motivate the team for the theme of the season. This year, the UTSA Women’s Basketball team chose “Cash In,” which refers to each player depositing hard work daily to get closer to their goal of winning an American Athletic Conference Championship and possibly a NCAA National Championship.

Judson High School alum and UTSA senior guard Kyra White enjoys the camaraderie behind the chain.

“I think it’s really cool. It helps the team keep the bigger picture,” said Kyra. “The ‘Cash In’ is just a representation of every day you are putting something into the program, and so that hopefully, at the end of the season, we can be the ones carrying that trophy.”

Redshirt junior forward Elyssa Coleman said, “I think everybody, like, in their head thinks about it, like, ‘OK, I have to get this chain today.’”

Steele High School alum and UTSA sophomore guard Sidney Love enjoys how the mantra helps keep her team versatile.

“I think having that mantra makes people kinda just wanna step up,” said Love. “Because a lot of games have been a new person every game that’s getting that chain at the end of the day. So, somebody else is buying into our culture every single day. I think we’re a dangerous team because, as soon as everybody gets to ‘This is what we need to do. This is what we have to do,’ then I think we’ll just be the most successful team in the American Conference.”

The Roadrunners currently sit in 6th place in the American Athletic Conference standings, with two wins separating them from first place. UTSA will be on the road this weekend, taking on SMU in Dallas at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

KSAT Sports Reporter, Nick Mantas, holding up UTSA Women's Basketball's "Cash In" Chain, which is given to the most outstanding player after each game. (KSAT)

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