Student creates movement to increase voter turnout in November

Organizer: 35 companies signed up for voluntary initiative

SAN ANTONIO – At 17, Sarah Moorman isn’t old enough to vote, but she’s created #Day2Vote, a non-partisan effort, in hopes of increasing voter turnout on Election Day.

So far, Moorman said 35 companies have agreed to give their employees the day off or remind them that Texas allows them enough time to vote.

Among the first to sign up was James Lewis, owner of J12 Designs, which created the #Day2Vote website.

“I tell you what struck me the most is that she’s in high school,” Lewis said.

He said he was especially impressed with how even at her age, Moorman wanted to make a difference.

Lewis said he’s giving his staff the day off on Nov. 3.

Although many of her small business members can’t afford to give their employees the day off, Kristi Villanueva, president of the West San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, called Moorman’s campaign “inspirational.”

Villanueva said it reinforces the message the West San Antonio Chamber already gives its members about the importance of voting.

Anne Krause, president and executive director of the Hemisfair Conservancy, said Moorman’s efforts come during the centennial observance of the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote.

“She’s a young woman who takes the right to vote very seriously,” Krause said.

She said Moorman shows that “we can pave the way for other people to make it easier for them to exercise their right and privilege.”

Moorman said even a half-day off could benefit “people who have multiple jobs, low-paying jobs, who don’t want to ask for time off.”

Lewis said Moorman’s grassroots initiative could lead to a national holiday.

“Someone’s going to catch wind of this and say, ‘All right, I want to back this. How can I help her push this a little further?’” Lewis said.

Moorman is just a few days shy of her 18 birthday, so she said she’ll definitely be voting in her first presidential election in November.

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