Don’t lose hope! Here’s when San Antonio typically sees cooler temps

It’s not a guarantee, but these dates mark some turning points for South Texas

Cooler days are ahead... (Copyright 2023 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

As South Texans, we pride ourselves on our ability to deal with the heat. But, the last two years have been next-level. With records dropping left and right, we need light at the end of this proverbial tunnel. And that tunnel has been long!

Sometimes seeing the finish line can help us finish the race. Here are some dates to keep in mind:

  • Fall begins with the autumnal equinox at 1:49 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 23
  • The average first cold front for San Antonio falls usually in late September
  • San Antonio’s average first freeze is at the end of November

A couple of disclaimers (because we are meteorologists and believe in accuracy):

  • The arrival of autumn, while astronomically significant (equal days and nights), does not guarantee cooler temperatures. In fact...
  • Our first average cold front doesn’t arrive until late September. AND this is a tough thing to quantify. But if you look back over the last several years and look at the first 10 degree cool-down, the average date is around the end of September and start of October.
  • The annual solar eclipse, which will be INCREDIBLE happens on Oct. 14. The sun will almost disappear (a ‘ring of fire’ will appear around the moon) in the middle of the day. If you’re in the path of totality, which INCLUDES San Antonio, temperatures will drop 10 degrees! Which is why we added it in this countdown. We can set our watch to it!
  • The first freeze is also a date that varies widely from year to year. But, if you average it out for San Antonio, Nov. 29-30 is the date that the data gives us.

These dates hopefully give us a little hope as we slog through the final full month of summer. Hang in there!

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About the Author:

Justin Horne is a meteorologist and reporter for KSAT 12 News. When severe weather rolls through, Justin will hop in the KSAT 12 Storm Chaser to safely bring you the latest weather conditions from across South Texas. On top of delivering an accurate forecast, Justin often reports on one of his favorite topics: Texas history.