When it comes to storms and protecting your home, err on the side of caution: We’ll tell you how

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Considering Hurricane Laura has been top of mind all week, especially for those in states like Texas and Louisiana, it’s only natural to wonder how you would prepare in a similar severe weather situation.

Hopefully you’ve never had to experience a devastating weather event, but they certainly happen: Hurricane Harvey, for example, was only about three years ago, and it wreaked havoc on the Houston area.

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But regardless where you’re located or what types of weather your region regularly experiences, it’s always best to remain vigilant.

When it comes to hurricanes and big storms, there’s always so much talk about how to prepare the insides of our homes.

But what about the outside? What do you do with patio furniture, pots, BBQ grills and the like?

We asked an expert. As it turns out, there’s a pretty simple answer.

Meteorologist Paul Gross spoke specifically about Hurricane Laura.

“Anything that a person can pick up or move can become a projectile in a hurricane of Laura’s strength -- and in the tornadoes that hurricanes cause,” Gross said.

Therefore, it’s always better to err on the side of caution, he added.

“If there’s ANY chance that something could become a projectile and possibly cause damage to your or a neighbor’s house, then store it in the garage or in the house,” Gross said. “There’s nothing wrong with being too careful.”

So, the next time a big storm’s coming to town, walk around the exterior of your house, your property or your yard. Pick things up, see how heavy your items are, and if you think even an outside possibility exists that an item could turn dangerous, move it inside, or get some help doing so. You could even turn this into a project, moving just a few belongings a day, leading up to the storm. Enlist help. But make sure it gets done.

Better safe than sorry!