Mom gets zipper stuck on Walmart aisle sign and we can't stop laughing

Courtesy: Celia Guinn/Facebook
Courtesy: Celia Guinn/Facebook

"Guys, I've had some pretty awkward and embarrassing experiences throughout my entire life. Some pretty 'run-and-hide' moments. But today- TODAY takes the cake,"  Celia Guinn posted on Facebook over the weekend.

Guinn said she was checking out at her neighborhood Walmart in Owasso, Oklahoma, when the zipper of her jeans got stuck to the chain on the "lane closed" sign. 

It happened while she leaned over to place her groceries on the conveyor belt.

At first, she thought, "No biggie. I'll just push it back through."

But that didn't work.

"At this point I look up to the cashier. She has finished ringing my groceries, while I'm desperately trying to unhook my pelvis from the aisle. I look like a very disturbing weirdo and/or pervert," Guinn said.

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When she explained to the clerk what was going on, the clerk called a customer service manager over.

The manager couldn't unhook the zipper, either.

Courtesy: Celia Guinn/Facebook

Another cashier offered encouragement. A second manager used pliers and scissors to try to free Guinn, but nothing worked.

"I was standing there with 2 cashiers, 2 CSMs, and a stock boy, all trying to UNLODGE. MY. ZIPPER," Guinn said.

When nothing worked, they gave her the option of taking the chain and sign home with her, where her husband finally used a bolt cutter tool to solve the problem.

Courtesy: Celia Guinn/Facebook

"He didn't even laugh because he was so worried that I might be too embarrassed. I love him," Guinn said. "However- you are more than welcome to laugh with me and think of this next time you lean over the belt at #Walmart."

Courtesy: Celia Guinn/Facebook

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