Play set in 1800s takes a look at women's roles, marriage

'In A Doll's House' showing at The Classic Theatre San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – The Classic Theatre San Antonio is showing a play that digs into women's roles and marriage. 

"In A Doll's House" focuses on the life of Nora Helmer, who lives in fear of her husband finding out a secret of hers because it would bring shame to him.  

"It's a story of a marriage, and it was written in 1879 and (was) revolutionary at its time in talking about societal expectations and power dynamics and secrets and what that can do to people,"  theatre executive director Kelly Roush said.

Roush said the small theatre gives audiences a one-of-a-kind experience. 

"We are in a unique space in that it is 99 seats. Very intimate, very authentic," she said. "No one in the audience is more than 16 feet away from the action, so you can really see everyone." 

The play features adult and child actors. 

For lead actress Kacey Roye, playing the role of Helmer means a lot to her. 

"I have to take everything, my entire life, and culminate that into one performance. Just experiencing life as a woman," Roye said. 

She describes the play as a story of liberation. 

"We are stuck in these stereotypes, in these little boxes. They can still keep us in," Roye said. 

The play runs through Nov. 26 at the theatre at 1924 Fredericksburg Road.

Shows run Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m and Sunday at 3 p.m. 

Tickets are available on the theatre's website.

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