A Food Network host made creamy popcorn salad and the internet would like a word

We cannot believe this is real

Popcorn in salad? This cannot be real. (Pexels.)

Look, we’ve suffered enough this past year, and now we have to deal with people making creamy salads with popcorn?!

No, you didn’t read that last sentence wrong. A woman, who has her own show on the Food Network, decided it was a good idea to make a salad featuring popcorn. And not only was the popcorn added, but this salad is a creamy salad.

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That’s right, she decided to add mayo to her popcorn salad.

Food Network star Molly Yeh committed this heinous food crime on her cooking show “Girl Meets Farm,” and usually, her recipes are very wholesome, easy and low maintenance. It seems as though Yeh took this comfort-food-on-the-farm thing a little too far when she decided to add popcorn to a creamy salad recipe.

The recipe’s title is “Crunchy Snap Pea Popcorn Salad,” but honey, nothing about this salad sounds crunchy once the popcorn has been doused in a creamy mayo dressing!

Honestly, this recipe looks pretty good without the popcorn. It’s got a creamy dressing with carrots, snap peas and celery. That all sounds nice and dandy, so why in God’s name would we add popcorn covered in white cheddar seasoning?

Just like me, the entire internet is baffled and confused by this recipe. We have thoughts and would like to have a word with Yeh about the origins of this “recipe.”

Some people used funny GIFS to express their shock over the popcorn salad.

This person was truly baffled.

This guy, understandably, is threatened by the popcorn salad.

This person made a pretty fair point about getting the vaccine.

And lastly, this woman is just genuinely confused how Yeh could come up with a recipe like this.

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