Everyone is obsessed with a dog named Wasabi who won Best In Show at the Westminster Dog Show

Wasabi in all his glory. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images) (Michael Loccisano, 2021 Getty Images)

This little Pekingese named Wasabi won the hearts of the Westminster Dog Show on Sunday night, as well as the hearts of many in America.

Wasabi, who is basically just a little fluff ball with legs, won Best In Show, which is a pretty big deal. Out of all the different dog breeds that competed, Wasabi was the best of the best, and just by looking at photos of him, it’s pretty obvious why he won.

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Just look at that little face!

The 4-year-old Pekingese is no stranger to competing in dog shows, according to the New York Times, and was bred to be a show-stopping winner. Wasabi was able to compete 96 times in the past year, despite the pandemic.

Dog shows are always fun to watch, but when a dog as unique and full of personality as Wasabi wins Best In Show, people can’t help but become smitten with him. Just look at people’s reactions to Wasabi’s big win Sunday night.

Folks on Twitter are straight up obsessed, to say the least.

Others commented on Wasabi’s hairstyle and how it’s basically inspired by the pandemic.

And this guy is questioning if there really is even a dog underneath all that hair.

Wasabi may look like the dog version of Cousin It from “The Addams Family,” but nonetheless, he became a Westminster legend overnight.

Congrats, Wasabi! Who is the best boy, now? You are!

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