Get your pets ready for fall with the Everyday Adventure Guide

Former Bachelorette stars come up with guide encourage play with pets

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers love their dogs. They have two German Shorthaired Pointers named Jackson and Jagger.

The former Bachelorette stars are sharing how they play with their dogs through their new Everyday Adventure Guide.

The guide has three main points:

  • Daily Routine: Planning a schedule of play with your pets and sticking to it
  • Seasonal Fun: Planning activities and experiences with your pets as the seasons change

“As seasons change, the health and safety of your animal needs to change as well,” Rodgers said.

  • Recipe Success: Making sure your pets are eating healthy and staying fueled for adventures

Fletcher and Rodgers live near a beach and their favorite activity to do with their dogs is to take them to the beach.

“Thankfully we live near a beach and when we take them to the beach they lose their minds,” said Fletcher.

You can read more about the Everyday Adventure Guide by clicking here.

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