Get ready to celebrate: National Dog Mom’s Day is coming

Day was officially created in 2018

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Who says you have to be a mother to actual human children in order to get celebrated on Mother’s Day? For a lot of women, it’s just as important to be a “dog mom.”

The year 2018 saw the creation of a day that many probably didn’t know about -- one that adds to the Mother’s Day festivities.

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To supplement Mother’s Day, which is held the second Sunday in May each year, we now have a National Dog Mom’s Day, which is intended to be “celebrated” on the second Saturday of May.

That’s this week!

In most years, the day takes place before Mother’s Day, with the only exception being in years like this one where Mother’s Day falls on May 8, in which case National Dog Mom’s Day is six days later.

The day was founded by Dig, a dating app to connect those who love dogs, as a way to honor dog moms who spend countless hours feeding, playing with and cuddling with their furry companions.

It will be neat for those who are mothers of kids and dogs, who’ll get to enjoy back-to-back weekends of celebrating their motherhood.

Do you plan on celebrating National Dog Mom’s Day? Submit your photos showing you and your pup below.

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