Looking for puppy love? eHarmony of dog-matching will custom pair you with your perfect furry friend

When you’re ready to add a puppy pal to your family, it can be a gamble to dive into the endeavor with the first cute puppy you see. Doing extensive research into breeds and shelters may also not guarantee you’ll find the perfect match.

Let’s be honest -- it can be a bit of a gamble no matter which route you take to find the right pup. But now, just like the dating app eHarmony, How I Met My Dog is custom matching adopters with the perfect shelter dog for them and their family.

As much as they want to help find the right dog for each person or family, the company wants to find the right family for the dog. Each dog they match up with someone is a shelter dog, rescue, or one that needs to be rehomed by private families, due to a move or lifestyle change.

“Every year, a staggering 4,000,000 dogs are surrendered to shelters or need to be rehomed by families who can no longer care for them,” the website says. “Sadly, only half of these dogs ever find another home.”

How I Met My Dog has tried to shift the focus from breed and love at first sight to behavior and lifestyle. The P.E.T. Profile filters through 30 levels of dog and human compatibility, which vastly increases the odds of a successful, long-term matchup and relationship.

“Why should finding the right dog be so random?” said Mary Ann Zeman, creator of How I Met My Dog. “If every dog is different, shouldn’t we be choosing our dogs on more meaningful criteria than breed description or ‘love at first sight?’”

She was so invested in the idea that she enlisted co-founders Jodi Anderson and Sharon Mosse to build a team of experts in dog training, animal behavior, business, technology and brand expertise.

Together, they are a collaboration of dedicated professionals who are transforming dog adoption.

So what exactly does that look like, you might be wonder? The filters included in the survey come down to personality, expectations and training style.

How social are you? Do you have kids? Are you a couch potato or a tireless athlete? What genders and ages live in your house? These are just a few of the things that are taken into account.

And just like you have a profile, so does each dog.

So from start to finish, here’s how it works:

🐶 Take the 20-minute survey: Through the P.E.T. Profile, How I Met My Dog will show you what kind of pet parent you are and find your matches.

🐶 See your matches: At this point, you can fall in love at first sight, because every dog presented to you is a custom match for your pet parenting profile.

🐶 Apply for the dog: A common application will allow you to apply directly to shelters, rescues or rehomers.

🐶 Make your dog part of the family: Meet the dog, see if the chemistry feels right, cross "T"s and dot "I"s and finalize details with the shelter, rescue or rehomer.

If you don’t find the perfect match immediately, you’ll receive an email each time you have a new match.

To learn more about How I Met My Dog or to find your perfect match, click here. You can also visit the Instagram page to see which dogs are currently being featured.

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