You tried out some delicious new recipes during quarantine: Check out our readers’, viewers’ culinary creations

We'll take all of them, please. (Submitted photo from viewer.)

We asked you what special or new recipes you whipped up during the early days of quarantine, and man, did you deliver.

Since most states are now allowing restaurants and bars to be open, the need for at-home cooking lately hasn’t been so great -- but when the pandemic first started, we all had to learn to become chefs, for ourselves and our families. For some, it became a real opportunity to become a better cook.

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We wanted to see some of the delicious things you made, and wow, do they ever look amazing.

We got submissions of so many different types of food, from hearty dinners to scrumptious-looking desserts.

Crab Cake Sliders

How good do these sandwiches look? (Submitted photo from viewer.)

Well, these sandwiches look incredible, don’t they?

The viewer who submitted this photo said they made homemade pickles and tartar sauce to go on the sandwich, and served the crab cakes on Hawaiian rolls.

Salted Caramel Macchiato Macarons

We'll take all of them, please. (Submitted photo from viewer.)

This viewer got so into baking when the pandemic started that they launched their very own bakery. Given how delicious these macarons look, we want to try everything this baker has to offer.

Keto-Friendly Pizza

Low carb pizza is just as good as the real thing. (Submitted photo from viewer.)

This viewer found a recipe for a keto version of pizza -- and she and her boyfriend have been eating it all summer. Instead of dough, you make the pizza inside a spaghetti squash. You still get to have all the cheese, pepperoni and sauce, just not the carbs. We’re into it!

Beef Bourguignon

This dish would make Julia Child proud. (Submitted photo from viewer.)

This viewer said they used Julia Child’s recipe for this French classic, so you know it was delicious. There’s nothing better than beef, red wine, veggies and potatoes, right?

Detroit-Style Pizza

You haven't lived until you've tried a Detroit style pizza. (Submitted photo from viewer.)

You may have heard of Chicago-, New York- or California-style pizza, but Detroit-style pizza is delicious, too. First of all, it’s shaped like a square. The crust is thick and chewy, and the sauce goes on top of the cheese. This viewer got the recipe from America’s Test Kitchen.

Heath Bar Cake

Can we get a slice, please? (Submitted photo from viewer.)

Any candy bar that gets turned into a cake sounds incredible, but a Heath Bar cake? Forget about it.

This looks ah-ma-zing. And so decorative too, right?

Sourdough Bread

This bread would be so great on a sandwich. (Submitted photo from viewer.)

If you weren’t baking bread in quarantine, were you actually quarantining the proper way?

All jokes aside, it seems that everyone decided to try to bake some bread, and these loaves of sourdough look so tasty.

Frozen Margarita Pie

Wasting away again in Margaritaville. (Submitted photo from viewer.)

This is basically a key lime pie, but made with a margarita in mind. And yes, the viewer said, the recipes calls for a few shots of tequila. You can get the recipe from Bon Appétit.

Those were just a few of the food photos submitted. If you want to share what recipes you perfected in quarantine (or something new you’ve tried lately), feel free to submit using the form below. Happy cooking!

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