What’s the best advice you ever received from your mom? This podcast would love to hear

Is your mom the advice type? (Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels)

Coming off Mother’s Day weekend, perhaps moms are still on the brain -- because we’re wondering: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten from your mother?

It could be something short and sweet, or a bigger, more complex piece of advice.

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Heather Sexsion said the best advice her mom, Cristina, ever gave her was to put family first.

“Family is everything to my mother, and for that reason, emphasis is put on being ever-present in each other’s lives. For this reason, I was surrounded by love and support growing up. These morals are continued with my own children now and will continue living on,” she said.

A response from Susan Higginbotham read, “Whatever you do, give it your all. Leave your heart on the field and you’ll never have regrets.”

Do you have anything to share? Zak Rosen, creator and host of the podcast, “The Best Advice Show,” wants to hear from you.

Again, the advice can be straightforward or complex. Specific or broad -- we’ll take it!

To contribute some of your mom’s wise words, drop Rosen a voicemail at 844-935-BEST, or drop him a line at zak@bestadvice.show. If you call, leave your name and your tip, followed by your email address in case he has any follow-up questions.

He’s not so much interested in platitudes and truisms, but instead, looking for the odd, uplifting, effective, real advice from you about how you make it through your days.

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