5 holiday cocktails to get you in the Christmas spirit

These are indulgent in the best way possible

Looks delicious, does it not? (How Sweet Eats, howsweeteats.com)

Anyone hosting a holiday soiree in the next week or so, and you’re wondering what to offer in terms of a seasonally appropriate cocktail?

Well, fear not -- I scrounged the internet high and low to find five of the most delicious-sounding libations.

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You could try ...

1. The Merry Cherry Christmas Cocktail

I really enjoy the blogger behind this website, How Sweet Eats, and I’ve made dozens upon dozens of her recipes over the years.

This Merry Cherry Christmas Cocktail is now on my “to-make” list for the 2021-22 holiday season, and if you skim the ingredients (and scope just how cute it is), I think you’ll see why.

Maraschino cherry juice, hard seltzer, vodka, mint, and the cherries themselves? Count me in.

Although it might sound overly sugary, the author assures you, you can adjust all that based on your preferences. “What I love most is that this drink isn’t overly sweet. In fact, you could even control the sweetness level based on your preference. Add a bit more cherry juice if you like a sweet cocktail, or back off of it if you prefer a drier, more seltzer-y, bubbly drink.”

Awesome! She also has a recipe for a White Christmas Punch, which looks tasty, too!

2. A batch of Tom and Jerry

I’d love to know where this drink truly originated, considering if you ask Google, you’ll get a bunch of different responses. But this is my all-time favorite holiday drink, and my husband is known to whip up a mean batch of these cocktails for family gatherings.

Even my relatives, who aren’t very boozy in general, lovvvve these. And maybe that’s why -- they don’t taste very liquor-y; they’re like dessert in liquid form. A little bit sweet, a little bit rich, and the best part yet: They’re served warm.

If you tackle these, you’ll make a batter (almost like a pancake batter), and you can do this step ahead of time.

Then, when your guests arrive, you’ll add to a mug a tablespoon of the batter mixture, along with dark rum, cognac, hot milk and fresh nutmeg. You can do cloves and allspice if you want, too. It’s heavenly!

3. This Rum Chata Egg Nog Cocktail

I only discovered Rum Chata maybe ... eight months ago?

It just feels SO creamy and holiday-esque. Plus, did someone say egg nog? That’s clearly a Christmastime drink. Putting the two together could only mean deliciousness.

(And if you’re NOT an egg nog person, I actually found a list called “10 Rumchata Cocktails That You Need to Make This Winter,” which will most certainly have something you can enjoy).

4. A Christmas Mimosa

I actually have nowhere to link you on this one, because I’m not sure who to give credit for this “recipe,” if you could even call it that.

You know a typical mimosa? Orange juice and champagne? Swap out your OJ in favor of cranberry juice, then garnish with actual cranberries (or pomegranate arils if you’re feeling fancy) and rosemary, and you have yourself a gorgeous Christmas morning mimosa.

You can leave off the garnishes if you’d like; they’re just for decoration.

A few years back, my (adult) brother and I poured these for present-opening with our parents, and I discovered I actually prefer the cranberry juice over OJ. Plus, they’re just two ingredients if you omit the “extras,” so these wouldn’t take much prep work!

5. A Mistletoe Margarita

Any tequila fans out there? We just had to include a holiday-themed marg on this list. Brought to you by the same blogger mentioned above, we have the Mistletoe Margarita, featuring Grand Marnier, tequila, white cranberry juice and lime (among other ingredients).

Three words: Sign. Us. Up. Wouldn’t this be so fun to sip on while wrapping presents?

And a bonus drink: The Candy Cane Christmas Mocktail

For anyone who’s pregnant, or maybe just choosing to drink less or not drink at all, we had to include a mocktail. These can be seriously delicious! This one is described as cool, creamy and perfectly pepperminty.

If you’re looking for less work, one of my favorite indulgences of the holiday season is a cranberry Canada Dry. You can probably tell I love cranberry by now, but take it from someone who normally doesn’t drink much pop or soda: This stuff is the best.

Cheers, friends!

This article was initially published in 2021. It has since been updated.

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