This video of bubble solution freezing on a cold morning is mesmerizing

Bubble solution freezes in the coolest way. (Credit: Stacey Anne Leeson via Storyful)

It seems like it’s colder than usual just about everywhere in the country these days, which is obviously making a lot of folks sick and tired of the chilly weather.

But it’s always good to remember there is some beauty during these months.

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Just look at the video of this cold Michigan morning that was posted on Twitter.

Stacey Anne Leeson recorded bubble solution freezing inside of a cookie cutter shaped like a snowflake. As you can see in the video, the bubble solution freezes in mere seconds.

In case you’re wondering why bubbles freeze so quickly at super cold temperatures, it’s of course due to science.

Basically, the bubbles freeze in a different way than normal water. It gives off a “snow globe” effect that is so fun to watch.

Leeson tweeted the following from Middleville, Mich., where it was 0 degrees outside the morning the video was recorded.

Middleville, by the way, is near Grand Rapids, on the west side of the state.

So next time you’re sick and tired of layering up in clothes to face the lower temps, just remember that there is still some beauty out there -- you just have to look for it.

You can watch the fabulous video below.

Credit: Stacey Anne Leeson via Storyful.

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