An adorable dog ‘predicted’ the LA Rams will win the Super Bowl

Do we have a new celebrity psychic on our hands? The only way we’ll know is after Sunday night.

An absolutely adorable dog was given the choice between two treats placed on logos of the two teams that are playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday: the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams.

The dog, names Tess, was filmed picking which treat she wanted, and she ultimately went with the treat that was on the LA Rams’ logo -- which, of course, was a disappointment for Tess’s owner, who is a huge Bengals fan.

Funnily enough, this wasn’t Tess’s first time picking the winner of the Super Bowl. Her owner, Anthony Fusco, said this is a yearly tradition with his dogs.

“We’ve been recording my dog’s Super Bowl predictions for a decade now,” Fusco said. “My old dog had a 6-3 record at the time of her passing, and this is Tess’s second season -- she’s 1-0.”

So, it seems that Tess is a bit of a psychic!

Fusco is from Ohio, so he was hoping that Tess would have picked the Bengals, but with Tess’s perfect record (so far), he may be in for a disappointing Sunday night.

Do you think Tess’s prediction was correct? Let us know!

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