4th grade teacher at Baskin Elementary named KSAT 12’s Educator of the Month

Jeanette Alcala has taught for 16 years in SAISD

SAN ANTONIO – Jeanette Alcala said she was blessed to have many great teachers, so she wanted to be able to have that kind of an impact on her students as well.

Jeanette Alcala is a fourth grade teacher at Baskin Elementary in the San Antonio Independent School District and she is KSAT’s Educator of the Month!

Alcala has been a teacher for 16 years and for all 16 years, she’s been at Baskin Elementary.

During her time at Baskin Alcala has taught first, second, third and fourth grades.

She is back to teaching fourth grade this school year because she moved up with her class from last school year.

“They’re (The students are) old enough to be able to communicate more and be able to ask you questions when they’re not sure,” said Alcala. “However, they’re also still at the age that they’ll draw me pictures and they love to give, you know, hugs and all of that, so yeah, they’re not too old yet. They’re still at an age that it’s easy to have those conversations with and talk to them, but they still love you.”

Alcala said that she works to have a real impact on her students, something that stems from when she herself was in school.

And, while she tells us that she has been blessed to have many great teachers, she said she was first inspired by her kindergarten teacher at Arnold Elementary, Mrs. Carol Hernandez.

“I always go back, said Alcala. “It’s my kindergarten teacher and I told her that from the beginning. I wanted to be like her, you know, taking the books home and wanting to do things like she did during the day, wanting to teach to my stuffed animals and my cousins and whoever else I could grab to be in my classroom.”

Alcala said she still loves teaching and Baskin Elementary Principal Yvonne Martinez said Alcala’s passion for the job shines in her work.

“She really has a great connection with these kids,” said Martinez. “Some of them she taught even in kinder and some of them she taught in third grade. So that’s been amazing. She’s been able to see them grow up. She’s passionate. She’s dedicated. She’s amazing.”

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