Taking your dog to work this Friday? Here are 3 things to know

Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day

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More and more companies have become receptive to the idea of employees bringing in their dogs to the office for work, which is a big reason why Take Your Dog to Work Day was created.

This year’s annual occasion is on Friday, but before bringing in your furry friend to the office, here are some tips from Jovana Teodorovic of Rover, a national online marketplace that sells pet care services.

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1. Why are companies allowing people to bring dogs into the office?

Teodorovic said the pandemic brought dogs and their owners even closer together, and have grown more anxious about leaving their pets with a return to the office space. Because of that, employees are more motivated to find pet-friendly work places and benefits.

“It’s become undeniable that pet-friendly workplaces not only benefit employees, but they’re also creating a more creative, collaborative culture,” she said. “Offering pet perks helps companies with hiring and results in a more productive workforce.”

2. What has bringing dogs into the office done for productivity and morale?

Teodorovic said in some cases, employees have produced better and felt better being allowed to bring dogs into work.

“We’ve heard from pet parents that having dogs in the office lowers stress and boosts mental well-being, increases flexibility and productivity, and improves internal communications and working relationships,” she said. “It’s a win-win. While some companies transition back to the office or into a hybrid workplace plan, we anticipate more than ever that companies will consider where and how pets fit into the equation.”

3. How can companies address concerns, fears people might have bringing dogs into the office?

Teodorovic said there are three things for pet parents to keep in mind about bringing a dog into the office.

“Your pet’s comfort level in an office environment, your dog’s behavior and training level, and your own ability to remain productive,” she said. “Consider reflecting on your dog’s anxiety in new places, how well they get along with strangers and other dogs, and whether or not you will be able to effectively divide your attention working alongside your dog.”

Tedorovic said a successful dog-friendly workplace hinges on pet-policies rooted in a company’s culture and needs.

“Implementing clear policies and expectations for both people and their pets is the most important factor when creating a dog-friendly working environment,” she said. “We recommend setting clear guidelines around things like acceptable pet behavior, where dogs are and are not allowed, and pet accident best practices. It’s also important to stay open to employee feedback around what’s working and what isn’t, taking action on improvement opportunities.”

Have you ever taken your dog into work before? If not, are you worried about the dogs of fellow employees going to the bathroom or being loud in your space? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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