KSAT’s new mental wellness video podcast debuts with host Talli Dolge’s personal story

Episode 1: Finding Pieces of Me Through Mental Wellness provides small everyday tips that can improve mental health

In the first episode of KSAT’s mental health and wellness podcast, From Living In Silence to Living Out Loud, host Talli Dolge tells her story of living with a mental health diagnosis.

Watch in the video player above. You can also watch on KSAT’s YouTube page or listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Talli shares intimate details of her life and how her life has been forever changed by having a mental illness.

Talli also discusses the importance of bringing the mental health conversation into a safe and transparent conversation.

She hopes that through this podcast, the listeners will be open to speak and tell their stories. Get in touch here.

This podcast also details the conversations with experts, change makers, people living with a mental illness, and innovative programs that will be showcased in future episodes.

Dolge explains the beauty and hardships of mental illness in today’s society.

The second half of the podcast Talli takes a deep dive into the fear of change.

She explains that this is something that she knows all too well. She breaks down healthy suggestions for looking at change differently.

This podcast wants the listener to dictate where you want to see the topics go in relation to mental health and wellness.

Talli’s list for health change

  • Questioning your negative thoughts. Listen to what your thoughts are saying and then reframe to healthier more positive language. An example of this is if you hear your thoughts saying… I can’t do this.. reframe and say I will try to figure out why I am no feeling motivated at this time
  • Keep reminding yourself that you are human, and the beauty of being human is that we can start over at any time.. no many how many times that may be
  • Put your focus on the emotional reasons why you want to change and not on the behavioral act of doing something. Finding the reason why you want to change will help in the long term. Remember that willpower is only a short term solution to change, and does not last in the long run.
  • Think about other times that you have been successful in changing something about yourself and write those items down. Keep these in a place that you can remind yourself of your successes...
  • Change can be challenging, but focus on the parts of change that is motivating.
  • Focus on small wins, and not the full on change at once. This also gives you small goals that are attainable.
  • Keep a journal of progress not the end goal.
  • Write a list of your fears of change, and then do a second list working to combat those fears.
  • Enjoy the ride, change isn’t easy but we need to enjoy the process to keep it up!
  • Ask yourself daily what am I learning from this experience? Become inquisitive with the process.
  • Enlist a close friend or ally in understanding your drive to change. This is a great way to hold yourself accountable.

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About host Talli Dolge

Talli Dolge is a vocal mental health and wellness advocate who lives in San Antonio.

Talli has been a mental health contributor with KSAT since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic began in 2020.

She earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling Education from SUNY(State University of New York).

Talli is the Founder and Creator of the Mobile Mental Wellness Collaborative. The unique program provides a holistic approach to mental wellness by bringing services right into the school districts. This program works to eliminate transportation, cost, and language barriers by bringing wraparound, no-cost mental wellness services to not only students, but their families, teachers, and district staff.

Talli currently is working as a national mental health and wellness consultant; helping foundations and nonprofits build sustainable mental health programs.

She also currently serves on the UTSA College for Health, Community, and Policy Advisory Council. She was a 2022 Distinguished Speaker for SA Health Cell and was featured in the SA Lights section of the SA Express-News in August 2022.

She has an outstanding history of leadership and service in the mental health community, as well as in previous positions with Jewish Family Service of San Antonio, the Witte Museum and Walt Disney World.

Each month she will bring community leaders, experts, and people living with mental illness to talk about various mental health and wellness topics.

About the Authors

Talli Dolge is the host of the KSAT video podcast "From Living in Silence to Living Out Loud." She is the founder and creator of the Mobile Mental Wellness Collaborative. She has also contributed on-air and online for KSAT 12 since 2020. Talli earned a Master's Degree in School/Community Counseling from SUNY.

Tristan Murdock is a news editor at KSAT 12. He graduated with a degree in Electronic Media and Mass Communications from Texas State University. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, singing and going on adventures with his fiance, Emily.

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