Bank of America donates $15,000 to kick off diaper campaign

Texas Diaper Bank aims to raise 1 million diapers during October

SAN ANTONIO – The Bank of America on Tuesday donated $15,000 to the Texas Diaper Bank to kick off the Million Diapers for Babies campaign.

The Texas Diaper Bank wants to raise 1 million diapers during the month of October to provide diapers for an estimated 40,000 children in Bexar County.

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"We need the community to come together to help address this unmet need," Jorge Medina, executive director of Texas Diaper Bank, said. "There are so many children in Bexar County ... who are living in poverty and really need our help. So, we really need the community to really come together."

Diaper donations can be made at any Bank Of America or Frost Bank locations throughout the city.

Medina said the $15,000 donation from The Bank of America will buy 93,000 diapers.

For more information about the Million Diapers for Babies Campaign, click here.

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