Check this sex offender map before heading out to trick-or-treat in San Antonio

Map lets you see the sex offenders in your area in Bexar County

SAN ANTONIO – Halloween is here and trick-or-treating safety is a top priority every year for parents and law enforcement.

Parents may want to check the sex offender registry prior to Halloween to see which houses might be unsafe for trick-or-treating. Keep in mind that their crimes vary and so do their risk factors. Many have already served their sentence and are no longer under supervision, but are still required to register as sex offenders as required by law.

The Bexar County Adult Probation Department will be conducting door-to-door visits for offenders under supervision to make sure they are complying with their requirements. They are not allowed to open the door and must keep the porch light off during trick-or-treating hours.

Monica Molina Rodriguez, manager of the department’s sex offender unit, said staff members have been doing the visits throughout the month and will continue doing so through Halloween night. Offenders have typically adhered to their requirements and Molina Rodriguez said nothing about Halloween night puts children any more at risk than any other day.

Below are some tips for trick-or-treating:

  • Map out your trick-or-treat route ahead of time and check the sex offender registry to see which houses should be avoided.
  • Travel in groups that have at least one adult who can help supervise and keep kids on a safe route.
  • Only trick-or-treat in neighborhoods you are familiar with.
  • Never enter homes when trick-or-treating.
  • Avoid homes where people’s porch lights have been turned off.
  • Don’t wear costumes with guns and knives that could be mistaken for the real thing.
  • Costumes should have light reflectors to help drivers see trick-or-treaters in the dark. Flashlights and glowing jewelry are also encouraged for the same reason.

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