Choosing the right rehab for MS treatment

San Antonio doctor pushes for proactive inpatient rehabilitation

SAN ANTONIO – During Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, KSAT has been talking about the difficulty of not only diagnosing the disease but treating it, as well. Now some doctors are pushing for proactive inpatient rehabilitation to reduce severe symptoms.

Sherry Rhind was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2003, and soon, walking had become almost impossible.

"Just getting up, getting ready to go to work, for instance, putting your foot in the car, that's very challenging," she said.

MS causes the body's immune system to attack the central nervous system, resulting in different symptoms for each patient.

"No two MS patients are the same," said Rhind's doctor, Dr. Ivan Edwards, with Select Rehabilitation Hospital.

After trying many medications, outpatient and at-home treatments, Rhind ended up at Select for 15 days.

"Before I came here I couldn't walk, maybe, 25 feet because I had no mobility whatsoever. Now I can walk maybe 300 feet, which is really good for me," Rhind said.

"We actually come up with a plan that's individualized to the patient's needs," Edwards said.

He said the difference between executing those plans at an inpatient and outpatient facility have to do with time, equipment and staff. During her stay, Rhind had up to eight or nine doctors, therapists and specialists working with her at the rehab facility.

Edwards said neurological patients often use inpatient rehab centers as a last resort, but he hopes they will soon use them proactively before new symptoms start or old ones get worse.

If you or someone you know has MS and symptoms are worsening or new ones are appearing, Edwards said it might be time to consider an inpatient facility.

Click here for information about Select Rehabilitation Hospital and choosing to right rehab plan.

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