Longtime community activist leads annual Cesar Chavez march

Cesar Chavez March for Justice celebrates 20th year

SAN ANTONIO – It has been two decades since Jaime Martinez founded the city’s annual Cesar Chavez March for Justice. He continued that tradition Saturday in what could be his last march.

"Reminiscing back 50 years ago when there were marchers marching through Texas to go to Austin to meet Cesar Chavez. They were stopped by Governor John Connally," Martinez said. 

Growing up in a barrio on the city’s West Side is where Martinez said he first began fighting for migrant workers.

Saturday’s march began at Guadalupe Plaza and ended at the Alamo.

Earlier this week Martinez was honored by U.S. Marshal Robert Almonte for leading nonviolent protests.

The community activist credited Chavez, his mentor, “If we’re going to win any fights, like Cesar told us, we have to be nonviolent and we have to unite the families in our community for ‘la causa,’” Martinez said.

Martinez said he is continuing to battle cancer, and worries this could be his final march.

“I've been fighting cancer for three years,” he said, as he recalled how he has proven doctors wrong. “I was only going to live three years ago for six months," he said.

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