South Side park undergoing renovation gets major donation

Estela Avery, philanthropist, donating $750,000

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio River Foundation announced Tuesday that a local philanthropist is donating $750,000 toward renovations at Confluence Park.

Estela Avery donated the money for the park’s new education center, which will be named in her honor. The classroom will have laptop computers and the ability to offer local schools the ability to use the center for free.

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Confluence Park has been designed as a water catchment system. All of the rain water will be collected and used to irrigate the 2.5 acres.

The park will provide environmental education and community connectivity and will be located along the Mission Reach Ecosystem Restoration and Recreation Project.

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This is not the first major donation made to the park, both H-E-B and BHP Billiton have donated a combined $3.4 million toward the $13 million renovation costs.

The South Side park has been undergoing renovations since May 2016. It will open to the public in January.

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