Students, friends attend campus vigil for Texas State student found dead Monday

Fraternity under investigation since Oct. 4

SAN MARCOS, Texas – Dozens of Texas State University students gathered Wednesday evening on campus for a vigil in memory of 20-year-old Matthew Ellis.

Ellis was a member of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity and was found dead Monday morning.

Tears and embraces were seen amongst the crowd. Friends and students mourned their brother and fellow classmate.

“He was a young, bright kid. The Bobcat family really took a hit there,” said Ronald Silva, who was at the vigil to pay his respects.

Police said alcohol may have played a factor in Ellis’ death. The student’s death is stirring up questions about how he died and many agreed with the university's decision to suspend all Greek life activities.

“Some professors have been talking about it, as well. Obviously, the president’s message has kind of stirred up a lot of thoughts and debate over the issue about how Greek life is treated and how it should proceed forward,” said Lincoln Pulliam, a student.

Others are hoping the university will take steps to prevent alcohol-related deaths by educating students.

"I wish the school took more care in educating kids on alcohol. I think a lot of these kids, they’re so restricted in their lifestyle, considering the drinking age is 21. And when they get out and away from their parents, they’re like, ‘I can drink. I can drink.' And they drink themselves to death,” said Rachel Hood, a student.

The vigil ended around 8 p.m. Students said the coming weeks will be tough, but they will move forward and keep Ellis and his family in their thoughts and prayers.

The fraternity Ellis was a member of has been under investigation since Oct. 4. The investigation stems from allegations of misbehavior.

Police are also looking into the possibility of hazing but say it’s too early in the investigation to make that determination.

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