Animal Care Services says it rescued 12,688 animals in SA in 2017

Interactive infographic details ACS report

SAN ANTONIO – Animal Care Services released a report detailing statistics and achievements from FY2017.

Several laws passed for San Antonio in 2017 aimed at protecting animals even further.

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Dog chaining is now illegal and pet sales at unauthorized locations will incur tougher penalties.

The passage of these new ordinances complete a historic year for ACS which saw a 91 percent placement rate and a continued commitment to public safety with more than 30,000 animals brought into the shelter, the report says.

"Our clinic performed close to 19,000 lifesaving surgeries this past year and outreach continues to promote programs and spread the word about the importance of humane pet care,” ACS director Heber Lefgren said.

See more information in the interactive infographic.

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