Operation Comfort, VA team up to host 3-day cycling camp for service members

Mission of camp to help service members' health

SAN ANTONIO – Operation Comfort and the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs have teamed up to host a three-day cycling camp for service members.

"For me, it's just a feeling of freedom again. I've always been a thrill seeker, and when you get up to good speeds, it can get kind of nerve-racking," veteran James Madison said.

The objective is to help veterans increase their immune system activity, reduce blood pressure, pain and social anxiety.

"We cycle every Wednesday, and it's to get them active, get them out of their house to get them back into exercise and just feeling good," said Janis Roznowski, founder of Operation Comfort, an organization that provides support to wounded service members.

Madison served in the Army and Air Force for 21 years. He suffered several injuries, but he never lost his passion to compete.

"Operation Comfort actually found me. They got a 5K that they do every year in Selma, the Salute to Service Members 5K. I was trying to do that one on a racing wheelchair and (was) having a hard time with it. They told me about the hand cycles and it's a whole lot easier for breathing," Madison said.

Madison has been cycling for three years now. It's a freedom he doesn't take for granted and one he said keeps him motivated.

"It's an entirely different muscle group, so it's like starting over again and I've got myself up to 35 mph. My next goal is 40, and so on and so forth. Every time you achieve one of those goals, it makes you feel really good," Madison said.

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