Deputy called to home after large snake slithers out of toilet

Snake was nonvenemous

Bee County, Texas – Law enforcement officers must be brave when facing a host of harrowing situations, and that includes snake wrangling.

Wade Vielock said he was cleaning the bathroom at his Bee County ranch when the large snake slithered right out of the toilet.

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His 6-year-old son saw it first and pointed it out to him.

"I looked back at the toilet and that snake was about 3 feet out, climbing towards the window. It took at least six years off my life," Vielock said.

He was so startled, Vielock said he knocked his child down while running out of the bathroom.

Unsure of who to call about his not-so-little problem, he first called a local taxidermist friend.

Turns out, the Bee County Sheriff's Office was the right call. They actually make house calls for snakes.

Pictures posted on the BCSO Texas Facebook page show Deputy Lindsay Scotten holding the snake, which they identified as a blue indigo. She found the snake in the vanity area of the bathroom.

"The deputy told me that she can't kill a cockroach, but she will grab a snake. I told her she can call me anytime she wants and I'll come kill all the cockroaches she wants if she gets that snake out of the house," Vielock said.

The post said the snake was not harmed and was released back into the brush. Blue indigo snakes are nonvenomous and eat venomous snakes.

The Bee County Sheriff's Office said it has seen an increase in snake calls this year and urged residents to call them if they need help dealing with one.

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