SA Muslims celebrate end of Ramadan with citywide prayer ceremony

Thousands of Muslims from five mosques in SA gather for celebration

SAN ANTONIO – Thousands of Muslims on Friday celebrated the culmination of Ramadan by gathering for a closing prayer ceremony at the San Antonio Events Center. 

Ramadan is the observance by Muslims of 30 days of fasting to  commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief.

"You spend 30 days. You are worshipping day and night. You are not eating. You are not drinking. Summer -- it's hot. So this is kind of like a reward. A community get together. There will be a lot of eating and drinking today," said Omar Husain, religious director of the Muslim Children Education and Civic Center.

Muslims from all five local mosques observed the celebration together for the first time in 10 years, Husain said.

"I think there were some logistical challenges, and once those got hammered out. I have been here about four years, and there has been some leadership changes and some shifts in management, so I think everyone is on now on the same page. Also finding a venue was challenging," he said.

Husain said he hopes the event sends a message of unity and inclusion to San Antonio.  

"We are a fabric of the city. You know, we are doctors, lawyers, businessmen. We are very involved in the city," he said. "And just for people to see that we are proud of our faith, but we are also proud to be San Antonians. We are just adding to the diversity."

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