Vigil held for unidentified child found ‘beyond decomposed' in luggage during drug raid

Dozen people arrested during raid released; no arrests made in baby's death yet

SAN ANTONIO – A vigil was held Saturday for a still unidentified child whose body was found Tuesday during a drug raid on the West Side.

The infant was found fully clothed and wrapped in a blanket in a piece of luggage “beyond decomposed” in a drug house on Bronco Lane.  

About 50 people gathered across the street from the drug house, holding candles and praying, with many of them saying they live around the neighborhood.

One woman was seen leaving flowers by the house and blessing the building.

One of the vigil’s organizers said they have heartfelt sympathy for the baby because no one knows what it may have gone through.

“We felt compelled that this baby needs a voice and it needs closure, you know? And to be discarded like a piece of trash is wrong, and it's not only wrong, it's illegal,” Janet Geaslin said.

The group Eagles Flight Advocacy and Outreach is ready to give the child a funeral or help the next of kin. But the group’s executive director said that won’t happened until the investigation is complete.

A dozen people were detained and questioned after Tuesday’s raid, but were later released.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said it is waiting on identification, gender and the exact cause of death of the child before any arrests are made.

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Garrett Brnger is a reporter with KSAT 12.

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