TECH SA: SmartSA holds Datathon, an open city-wide data competition

Winner receives up to $15,000 plus contract

SAN ANTONIO – A competition called SmartSA Datathon is taking place this month, and it is open to the public. 

“We are giving them data. We are asking them to think innovatively. Come to us with a solution,” Arun Schipse, manager of Data Science for CPS, said.  

The three requests for data solutions include transportation, access to services and sustainability. 

“Thinking about access to services, do people have information about everything that they are around? Like what’s going on in my area, something that is being fixed. A pothole is being fixed,” Schipse said. “Something also being fixed by city of San Antonio or water system. All happening on the same street and they are all connected.”

Datathon is powered by CIVTECH SA and was created by the city of San Antonio's Office of Innovation, Geekdom and Smart  SA partners. 

“They get to lay their mark. They get to make their contribution and enrich their passions into the community they live in,” Karen Kirwan, chief information officer said. 

The winner will receive up to $15,000 and a contract. 

The finalists will be chosen on Oct. 5, and a Datathon three-day competition will be held Oct. 19-21.

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