Doctors Without Borders brings awareness about humanitarian issues to SA

'Forced From Home Interactive Exhibit' is free interactive tour

SAN ANTONIO – The organization, Doctors Without Borders, brought a free guided exhibition to San Antonio.

The interactive exhibition, named "Forced From Home Interactive Exhibit," is taking place at 326 Main Plaza and is open through Sunday.

"People are capable of the best, but capable of the very worst and I've seen them both happening," Alice Gautreau, midwife and nurse for Doctors Without Borders, said.

Gautreau was part of a search and rescue team in the Mediterranean.

"It was really a dire, dire situation. People drowning," Gautreau said.

The exhibition also takes you through other troubled parts of the world, with visitors experiencing virtual reality and 360-degree video.

As thousands of immigrants make their way across Mexico right now, there is a section that shows what can happen once they reach the border.

Alan Hickey is a logistician at Doctors Without Borders, and said Central America is filled with crime.

"They have the highest murder rate in the world," Hickey said.

There is a section with a fence showing how some families are separated once they get to a border.

"When you get to a border crossing or a checkpoint, people are sorted out, whether they are considered refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced people or migrants," Hickey said.

From videos to displays, this traveling exhibit is bringing attention to parts of the world that are facing a crisis.

"I’m really hoping people can see and experience what it is like to someone to have to flee their home and to have to run to seek safety," Gautreau said.

For more information, visit the organization's Facebook event page here.

To learn more, click here to visit the organization's website.

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