SAPD officer shoots, kills chihuahua, residents claim

Witnesses: 'Trixie' was on other side of fence; no explanation from SAPD

SAN ANTONIO – Residents in an East Side neighborhood are outraged after they said a San Antonio police officer shot and killed a chihuahua in someone's yard.

"It's a little Chihuahua, no harm to anybody. A little Chihuahua, I don't understand," said Sabrina Lopez, whose young daughter owned the dog named Trixie.

Lopez said she's upset because there has been no explanation from San Antonio police.

Neighbors who heard the shooting on Poinsettia Street and North Walters are outraged, as well. 

Pastor Richard Dukes said around 3 p.m. Monday, he found himself ducking for cover inside his house. 

"I was laying on the couch, and I hear this pop, gunshot," Dukes said. "Certainly, I'm concerned. My daughter is on the porch. I hollered at her to get inside because I’m thinking that there's something big going on."

But the concern turned to confusion when Dukes' daughter, Maryann, ran inside and told him what she said happened across the street.

"Out of nowhere I hear a pop, and that little dog couldn't have done anything. It didn't bark, it didn't do anything, it wasn't a threat, it was a tiny Chihuahua," she said.

Maryann Duke said Trixie was shot by a uniformed officer with the San Antonio Police Department on the other side of the fence.

Lopez said the dog got out Monday and went into the neighbor's yard across the street to play with their dog. They later received the horrifying news about their beloved pet, but it wasn't from SAPD.

"They didn't come and notify us. They didn't come and say nothing. You know, come and get your dog or anything. The cops just literally came and shot him, and that's because my neighbors told us. Otherwise we would have never known."

The lack of an explanation is still troubling for Dukes.

"If an officer shoot his pistol in front of my house, somebody should explain to me why this has taken place. And, the dog was behind the fence," Dukes said.

A police spokeswoman said Tuesday afternoon the report was still not available.

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