SA lawmakers live as people living with disabilities, gain perspective

Project Mend works to help people's lives through reusing medical equipment

SAN ANTONIO – For some living with disabilities, daily exercises such as grocery shopping can sometimes be a challenge.

Project MEND, an organization that works to transform people's lives through reusing medical equipment, launched the new campaign, "A Day in the Life."

On Tuesday, city lawmakers took part in experiencing firsthand in some those challenges. They went to a local H-E-B to gather groceries, load them in a car and then unload them at a West Side senior center.

"I hope that what happens today is that they come to understand a lot more clearly some of the challenges a lot of people that have to utilize medical equipment go through on a daily basis," said Cathy Valdez, CEO of Project Mend.

H-E-B also presented a check to the organization for $25,000.

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