Newborn left at VIA bus station is now 3 years old, adopted and thriving

Travis has severe disabilities, but love, family fueling his daily progress

SAN ANTONIO – He survived the unthinkable and now he is thriving.

Three years ago as a newborn, Travis was abandoned inside a bathroom at a VIA bus station.

His birth mother Roseanne Welch is serving a 15-year prison sentence for injury to a child. 

Travis was found severely disabled. His hearing, vision, movement and breathing were impaired. Doctors had little hope for a full recovery, but one family was determined to change that prognosis.

At 3:10 every afternoon, 3-year-old Travis comes home from school surrounded by love.

"You are a movie star young man!" his bus driver said with a laugh on Tuesday.

At the sight of Abraham Montemayor, Travis flashed his famous, unforgettable smile.

"Every day at school, he's got his whole entourage of teachers. They know his story, they love him," Abraham said.

Inside the house, Travis's full-time nurse sets up a multitude of treatments, while Tina Montemayor moves in for a snuggle.

"He has far more ability than he does disability," Tina said.

Tina first met Travis about two years ago as the nurse in his foster home. She fell in love, and about six months ago, Tina and Abraham became his foster parents. A week and a half ago they officially adopted him.

"It had been at least 19 years since I had taken a car seat in and out of a car. We were a little rusty," Abraham said with a laugh.

Abraham said once he met Travis, none of that mattered. There was no turning back.

"He's been an inspiration since day one. All the results we see now is kind of indicative of what he has in his heart," Abraham said.

The circumstances surrounding Travis' birth left him unable to move most of his body, and it was unthinkable that he'd ever walk. Yet, two months ago, he began taking steps while secured in a small walker.

He was profoundly deaf. Now, he has two cochlear implants.

His lungs were damaged and he couldn't swallow. Now, he eats pureed food and with his unbelievable improvement, doctors will soon be able to remove his breathing tube.

"He just knocks it out. He doesn't complain. He makes it happen. All he wants is to be loved and to watch little cartoons," Abraham said with a laugh.

It's easy to see that every second of every day, Travis is loved the way he was meant to be.

"He just pulls something out of us, and we want to be part of it with him," Tina said.

Travis is steadily growing stronger, and Tina believes it is possible that he will eventually be able to walk, eat and breathe on his own.

It's clear to those who meet the Montemayors that Travis is lucky to be part of their family. Yet, the couple said they're the lucky ones.

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