1,000 smoke alarms installed on the East Side of San Antonio

Red Cross volunteers go door to door to educate community

SAN ANTONIO – Alongside the fire department, the Red Cross is usually one of the first agencies to arrive on scene of a fire. Today, close to 400 volunteers went door to door on the city's East Side to help prevent disasters by offering free smoke alarms. The efforts are part of Sound the Alarm, a national event to end home fires.

All volunteers received training on where and how to safely install the alarms, as well as educate those living in the home.

Letty Olivarez answered her door and accepted the help. Olivarez has lived in her current home for seven years but had never installed a smoke alarm.

"We've been doing a lot of remodeling lately," said Olivarez. "(Smoke alarms were) at the end of our list for our remodeling."

With just a few marks on the wall and a drill, volunteers quickly installed the lifesaving device in one bedroom and the living room.

"If something were to happen, God forbid, I know (the fire alarm) would be an alert," said Olivarez.

The Red Cross says it's common to come across homes in Olivarez's situation, as well as those who have devices but don't maintain them.

"We can knock on a door and we hear the chirping of an alarm that needs new batteries," said Libby Castillo, Regional Communications Director for the Red Cross.

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