Funny mix-up at Bexar County natural area causes hikers to climb tree, call 911

Incident occurred at Government Canyon State Natural Area

Photo courtesy Texas Parks and Wildlife

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – Two concerned hikers called 911 around 11:30 p.m. on June 21 at Government Canyon State Natural Area fearing a wild pig was following them and growling.

According to Game Warden field notes, the San Antonio Police Department contacted park police after receiving a panicked phone call from a woman who had taken refuge in a tree with another hiker.

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Park officers were dispatched but unable to immediately find the terrified twosome.

The woman was able to contact the park officers on her iPhone and share her location, urging them to hurry.

A park officer was able to hike to the location the woman sent on her phone and found her and a male hiker in a tree.

The hikers warned the officer that the pig was still in the area but shortly after the officer discovered the hikers, the officer heard a car drive over the rumble strips on nearby Galm Road.

"The officer asked if they believed the noise they just heard was a pig and both nodded. He explained it was only cars crossing rumble strips on the road nearby," according to the Game Warden field notes.

The officer reassured the embarrassed hikers that there was no threat, the note read, and that their reaction was surprisingly common.