San Antonio innovator invents biometric gun lock that could keep weapons out of children's hands

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio innovator was stirred by the high number of school shootings in 2018 and created a gun safety product that could keep children away from weapons.

Josh Ramos, with RMS Innovations, is a web development student who has come up with a way to improve the biometric gun locks currently on the market. He’s created a lock that’s smaller, cheaper and, most importantly, motion censored. 

“Let's say someone's at work and their child's at home and their child goes ahead and picks up their guns and starts playing with it. Normally in that situation you'd have no idea, but now with our notification system, you'd be able to be alerted and try and stop that situation,” Ramos said.

The gun lock fits through the trigger lock. Ramos said unlike other products, his device will fits about 80% of popular rifles, shotguns and handguns.

The device would be connected through an app that will not store any owner or location data, Ramos said.

“In an emergency situation, you want to use it. All you got to do is push your finger right on the sensor that pops right off in less than half a second,” he said.

Survey results from gun owners show the product is well-received, Ramos said, and he’s finding ways to improve it. He’s still working on the prototype.

Through Geekdom, Ramos received a $25,000 grant to help him with the development process. He’s working with a local company to create the final prototype and product. His goal is to be able to sell it for under $100, possibly by the beginning of next year.

“I realize this is something people want and something that is a problem that hopefully we can start addressing sooner rather than later,” he said.

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