ACS: Man arrested after stabbing girlfriend's dog, pulling dog's teeth

Vernon Davis, 40, faces animal cruelty causing torture charge, ACS says

SAN ANTONIO – A 40-year-old man is accused of stabbing his girlfriend's dog and using pliers to break the dog's teeth because the dog urinated on his dog bed.

San Antonio police arrested the suspect, Vernon Ortiz, on Friday and charged him with animal cruelty, a third-degree felony.

Animal Care Services Assistant Director Shannon Sims said that, on Aug. 2, officers went to an undisclosed home where they found the dog with severe facial wounds. An investigation later revealed that the dog, named Cosmo, also had broken teeth.

"As (ACS) did the investigation, it appears (Ortiz) assaulted the animal with a 6-inch hunting knife (and), in addition to that, (Ortiz) had also used pliers to break off (four of) the canine's teeth to keep it from biting him," Sims said.

Courtesy: San Antonio Police Department

During the investigation, Ortiz confessed to assaulting his girlfriend's dog, telling officers he did it because Cosmo urinated in his dog bed, Sims said.

Cosmo, a dachshund mix, is doing fine under veterinary care and recovering from wounds suffering in the attack. He is back with his owner, Ortiz's girlfriend.

When the San Antonio Police Department announced the arrest Friday, officials also shared images of Cosmo.

Courtesy: San Antonio Police Department

In the photos, Cosmo is seen with stitches that are helping close an apparent stab wound on the side of his head. The dog's front teeth are also seen broken.

Every year, Sims said ACS files at least 100 cases of animal cruelty in the San Antonio area.

If convicted, Ortiz faces jail time and a fine up to $10,000, Sims said.

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