How $1 million San Antonio home compares across US

Homes change drastically in five large cities

Courtesy Erin Cestero

SAN ANTONIO – Homes that top $1 million in San Antonio may not be the most extravagant, but they're the biggest when it comes to the four largest cities in Texas.

A study by real estate website Zillow shows that the average $1 million home in the Alamo City spans 4,830 square feet, and has four bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms — just shy of mansion status.

Still, those homes are luxury when compared with what $1 million can buy in expensive metropolises like New York City and San Francisco.

In the most expensive cities in the country, the same amount of money will buy home seekers a property that is less than half the size of one in San Antonio.

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And in Texas, San Antonio has the largest $1 million homes when compared with those in Dallas, Houston and Austin, according to Zillow.

"If you want the most possible bang for your million bucks, it typically pays off to live outside of a metro area's principal city," Zillow states. "Buyers willing to forgo the shorter commutes and plentiful amenities that often come with living in a principal city will usually be rewarded with a larger home."

Here's a look at how $1 million properties compare across the United States, from mansions to high-rise condominiums.

San Antonio: 

Courtesy Erin Cestero
Courtesy Erin Cestero

This home in San Antonio is listed at exactly $1 million, according to its listing by Erin Cestero.

It features four bedrooms, three full bathrooms and one partial bathroom, and is located on the Far Northwest Side, west of Leon Springs.

New York City:

Courtesy Douglas Elliman
Courtesy Douglas Elliman

This one-bedroom, one-bathroom home listed by Douglas Elliman sits in West Village. At 625 square feet, it is for sale at $1,050,000.

Million-dollar homes in the Big Apple average 1,730 square feet, three bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms, according to Zillow.

Most large cities have a detached, single-family house as the standard for a $1 million property, Zillow states. But in pricier large cities, such as San Francisco or New York City, these properties are more often shared in multi-unit buildings.

"Only in the most affordable markets, such as some in the south, will you find $1 million homes that verge on palatial, and the reality for some markets – particularly those on the coast and in California – is that $1 million homes often stand out more for their diminutive size given their hefty price tags," according to Zillow economist Cheryl Young.

San Francisco:

Courtesy John Solaegui
Courtesy John Solaegui

San Francisco offers the smallest homes in the $1 million price range, according to Zillow. These homes average 1,150 square feet, three bedrooms and one bathroom.

This 1922 Bay Area home, with views of the Pacific Ocean, is listed at $995,000. It contains two bedrooms and one bathroom. John Solaegui has the listing.


Courtesy Douglas Elliman
Courtesy Douglas Elliman

Condominiums are popular in the million-dollar market in coastal cities like Miami, according to Zillow.

A typical $1 million condominium in Miami spans 1,680 square feet, two bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms.

The waterfront dwelling featured above is for sale at $1,050,000 and includes three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Douglas Elliman has the listing.


Courtesy Douglas Elliman
Courtesy Douglas Elliman

The major New England town has an "unusually high share of du-/tri-/quadplexes worth $1 million," according to Zillow, but it also has its fair share of high-rise condominiums.

The home featured above is listed at $1,195,000 and includes one bedroom, 1 1/2 bathrooms, and 1,112 square feet of space. It is listed by Douglas Elliman.

Million-dollar du-/tri-/quadplexes in Boston usually consist of 3,090 square feet, six bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Los Angeles:

Courtesy Douglas Elliman
Courtesy Douglas Elliman

The City of Angels is among the places with the smallest $1 million homes; these typically span 1,900 square feet and include three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The home pictured above is located in the Santa Monica neighborhood and is priced at $1,025,000.

It contains two bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms and 976 square feet of space. It is listed by Douglas Elliman.


San Antonio is seeing a steady increase in home prices, Kim Bragman, chair-elect of the San Antonio Board of Realtors, told KSAT recently.

The latest SABOR study shows the median price of a home sold in September in San Antonio was $237,200.