Some money advice for the end of the month

September is a prime time to book airfare, trade in your old vehicle

ORLANDO, Fla. – It’s September, so it’s a good time to start making some smart financial moves before the end of the year.

For starters, sign up for alerts related to student load forgiveness if you’re eligible. Check the criteria you’ll need to meet first, then sign up for alerts from the Education department at

And while it is indeed September, start thinking November -- you’ll want to try and book Thanksgiving travel this month.

Travel experts say September is a good month to book your airfare for the holiday. Budget travel agency Cheap Air says a Thanksgiving airfare booked this month will cost you $450, but waiting until October could cost you almost $50 more, while waiting until November can mean paying at least $200 more.

Another September move to consider -- trading in your used vehicle.

If you’re thinking about trading in an old vehicle for something new, now may be the optimum time to do it.

Used vehicle prices are still close to all-time highs, with dealers paying more than $23,000 for used cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles.

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