San Antonio River Walk drained for maintenance

Main channel will be drained for four days

SAN ANTONIO – A portion of the main channel of the San Antonio River Walk is set to be drained Monday through Thursday (January 6-9) for regular maintenance.

The water will be drained from Josephine Street to South Alamo Street, which hasn’t been drained since 2016, according to the River Walk website.

Restaurants and hotels will all be open and operate the same hours, despite the draining.

Maintenance of the River Walk is “critical” to upkeep and allows crews to inspect walls that are usually submerged, according to the

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The River Walk is typically drained in January on odd-numbered years, the city’s website states, unless there is a high volume of debris, in which case “the river draining will only occur within the main channel of the river, not impacting the river loop.”

Go Rio River cruises will still be operating with a modified path, however, the Go Rio Shuttle to the Museum Reach section of the River Walk will not be in operation while the river is drained.

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In January 2010 and 2011 approximately 6,252 cubic yards of sediment were removed from the river loop, according to the city’s website.

The 100,000 light display along the River Walk will be up until January 13.

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Video of the draining in 2016: