Wild deer spotted with Christmas lights tangled in antlers in SA neighborhood

Neighbors in the Colonial Oaks say the deer has been seen with the tangled lights for over a week

SAN ANTONIO – Wild deer in backyards have become a common sight for residents who live in Colonial Oaks.

“We have a lot of deer in our neighborhood," resident Mike Pesses said. “In fact, some have even been born in my backyard."

Pesses said he saw something unusual on a deer last week — in between its antlers were Christmas lights.

“It’s not allowing him to move as freely as he normally would," Pesses said.

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Marcia Barr has lived in the area for more than 20 years. She said situations like this are bound to happen.

“It’s sad but it’s a by-product of urban and rural clashing,” Barr said.

Barr believes people should be responsible for the wildlife that also call Colonial Oaks home.

“If they’re helpless and we can do something to make their situation better or make it easier than we should do that,” she said.

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Pesses said he reached out to the Texas Game Warden in hopes of helping the wild deer.

“We can get this done in no time if we can get the resources out here," he said.

A spokesperson for the Texas Game Warden told KSAT12 it could be “more dangerous” to approach the animal.

They advised it’s best to leave the animal alone.

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