Homeless encampment causing fear for seniors living at NE Side apartment complex

District 10 Councilman Clayton Perry says he will ‘dismantle camp’

SAN ANTONIO – Neighbors at a senior living community on the Northeast side said they’re disgusted and terrified by what’s going on behind their apartment complex.

They said a homeless encampment filled with trash and tents is wreaking havoc on their quality of life.

“They get into the dumpsters and just throw things out and it blows everywhere,” said Marian Phelan, who has lived at The Legacy on O’Connor Road for three years.

Councilman hopes steel fence will solve homeless issue

The complex designed for people ages 55 and up is a place where Phelan said she had hoped to live out her golden years peacefully, but instead she and other neighbors claim they’re living in fear.

“You don’t know who is roaming the hallways at night. You dare not open the door if you hear a knock. You know, you don’t know if they’re going to try to break in, et cetera, et cetera,” said Yvonne Iversen, who has lived at The Legacy for five years.

Iversen, who is recovering from a stroke, said she’s one of many residents with disabilities who feel extra vulnerable.

Sandra Carlow said she has the same fears as Iversen. Carlow said aside from being messy, the intruders are often armed and dangerous.

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“I have use of one hand and one eye. I personally have had them fight right outside my window with machetes and guns,” Carlow said.

“Not too long ago, they were running their bikes through here, and this one guy was coming with his hand off his handlebars, twirling a machete,” Phelan said.

Residents said the apartment complex management put up a fence last year, but it really hasn’t stopped people from jumping over it to get onto the property.

“We have them coming on this property and coming in our building and sleeping on the couch and things,” Phelan said.

KSAT 12 News reached out to property managers for comment, but they have not responded.

District 10 Councilman Clayton Perry said Tuesday that he is looking into the issue. Perry said he will work to not only dismantle the encampment but also get the homeless people to live elsewhere.

“SAPD has been working on homeless encampments in that area for a while. The SAPD SAFFE Officer for that area is German Huerta, and he has been excellent in responding to these issues. Our neighborhood engagement team, led by Steve Peterson in our office, has also been aware of these issues and has worked with SAPD on clearing them out when we see them or are made aware of the encampments,” Perry’s office said in a statement.

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